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Terms & Conditions

Services of AXIA Co., Ltd. (“AXIA”)
- AXIA provides the web service called "AXIA WEB AUTO AUCTION" to bid on exhibited cars in auction houses in Japan.
- Used car buyers all over the world can bid on the cars through "AXIA WEB AUTO AUCTION".
Export Car
- AXIA’s authorized used car exporter exports your car to your country. AXIA don’t export any used cars.
- It means that buyers purchase cars from the authorized used car exporter.
Sign up
- Buyers should sign up for AXIA WEB AUTO AUCTION to bid. Sign-up is free.
Bid on Exhibited cars
- Buyers can bid on any exhibit cars without our fee.
Condition for Bid
- AXIA don’t have any conditions to bid for buyers, but AXIA’s authorized used car exporter have it.
- Buyers should bid according to terms & conditions of the authorized used car exporter.
- AXIA’s authorized used car exporter issue the invoice. AXIA don’t issue any invoice.
- Buyers should make the payment according to the invoice issued by the authorized used car exporter.
Quality of cars
- All car information published on our website are provided by auction houses.
- Assessment of car condition is only for reference provided by inspector in auction houses. it does not guarantee quality of car.
- AXIA does not guarantee quality of car.
Import Regulation in Buyer’s Countries
- Buyers should research import regulation in their countries and understand all risks and responsibilities before bidding.
- AXIA is not responsible for the import regulation of buyer's country.
- AXIA don't take responsibility, even if buyers purchased car which did not match to import regulation in their countries.
Trouble on the Cars
- AXIA is not responsible for any troubles occur on the car. (Damages, Losses, Incidents, etc.)
- AXIA and its associated Websites contains information for general information purposes only and on “as is” basis. Although we strive to keep all information up to date and precise, we do not endorse the accuracy, completeness, availability or reliability of any data or information pertaining to all goods and services and related graphics uploaded or distributed through the website including information or bulk mails and quotation mails. Website users acknowledge that any reliance placed on such information or data is strictly at the user’s sole risk.
- Furthermore, AXIA makes no warranty or representation of any content, goods and services provided through or in connection with linked websites. Any links included does not necessarily indicate recommendation or endorsement of any content provided in those links.
- In no event will AXIA its affiliates, employees, agents and representative, be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or any other loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of AXIA website, its postings, its content or any errors or omissions in its content.
- AXIA endeavors to keep the website up to date and running smoothly. AXIA reserves the right to make any improvements and changes including correction and omission in any portion of the contents of the website without notice and without incurring obligation.
- AXIA is not responsible for any system troubles.