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How to Buy

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Your information is shared AXIA’s Authorized Used Car Exporter, and you are registered as their customer at same time.
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[Search Car]
Login and Search cars you want. You can search the car you want by Maker Name, Car Name, Year, Mileage, Steering, Displacement,  Shift(Transmission), Price, etc.
Bid on car you want.
  1. Deposit in the bank account of Authorized Used Car Exporter might be required to bid by them.
  2. That depends on Authorized Used Car Exporter.
  3. Please ask Authorized Used Car Exporter for the details.
[Check Auction Result]
Authorized Used Car Exporter informs you the auction result.
Make the payment according to the invoice issued by Authorized Used Car Exporter.
* AXIA don’t issue any invoice.
Authorized Used Car Exporter exports your car to your country.
[Document Sending]
Authorized Used Car Exporter exports send the documents. (B/L, Export Certificate, Invoice, and other required documents for customs clearance)
[Customs Clearance]
Do the customs clearance.
[Receive Car]
Receive your Car.